WD mycloud mirror gen 2 in stress Plex server newest update problem

Hello members,

I really need advice from you.
Old configuration: WD Miiror with Plex server and Plex client on Samsung led TV. Movies stream good with subtitles too.
New configuration: WD Mirror with Plex server newest update and Plex client on LG oled TV webos 2.0, movies do stream but not with subtitles. I noticed my My Cloud Dashboard/Apps tab is looking different so i think WD did do an update too.
I replaced the ]plex client on TV for the Xplay and now movies play with subtitles, but not smootly, long pauses.
Since the new configuration my WD Mirror is running hot, high processor use. Hardly to reach Dashboard. Is running high speed for weeks now, no sleepmode anymore. I stopped all processes one by one except Plex and still running hot. I did a 4 sec reset, no results. I did a 40 sec one and still no succes.
Finally i shut down Plex server and WD Mirror is funtioning normal again. Dashboard normal to reach and even sleepmode i getting active.
Now my thoughts… I think the Plex client of the LG TV is not as good as the on the Samsung TV.
Second thought…I think the updated Plex server is using too many resources of the WD Mirror and is doing something for weeks i do not understand.
Now my wishes: I would like to go back to the previous version of the WD Mirror Plex server to see that will solve the problem. Who can advice me how to do that and where do i find the previous version. I searched and seached but can’t find anything

You are my last hope :wink:


When you stopped all the processes, did you turn off the Twonky Media Server as well?

How did you update Plex? Was it automatically through the dashboard?

Hi G, Stopped the Media Server from the Mirror (is that Twonky?) too. I did get a message from Plex on the server to do a manually update. I downloaded that BIN and installed it.

The update file was WDMyCloudMirrorGen2_plexmediaserver_1553634-995f1dead

Meanwhile i see at his moment a new update presented, the WDMyCloudMirrorGen2_plexmediaserver_1563790-4613ce077

I decided not to update again and instead I uninstalled the Plex server. After that I installed Plex server again from the MycloudMirror app tab and I was surpriced to see a totally different version was installed, number 1323112 and now the NAS is streaming movies with subtitles good again. Still a bit busy all day long, but i can enjoy my video’s.
For now I’m happy and will not instal the new offered update.