WD MyCloud Mac App cannot find my MyCloud device

On Mac OSX (El Capitan) WD MyCloud App cannot find my MyCloud device, even though it shows correctly in Finder and I can navigate to it. Is this a known issue? WDAccess has a WD MyCloud flyout is does this contain the same auto backup functionality?

If you are able to access your unit within Finder then networking access is working as intended. Is your unit connected directly to your router via Ethernet or is your NAS connected into your system? Have you tried updating the app? Automatic backups are handled with Apple Time Machine rather than the app.

It’s physically conntected to my router. I am connected wirelessly to it.
I was expecting the app to copy stuff form my my selected folders to the device when it was run but since the app cannot find the device I guess I’m forced to try using time machine which backs up more than I wan I think.

You can copy files into your NAS without the app and without Time Machine. If you can see your unit on Finder, then it can be used.

Time Machine is for automatic backups. Regular usage does not require Time Machine.