WD MyCloud iOS App | Retrieving Image files to iPhone/iPad Camera Roll

(Installed WDMC4TB yesterday - still on a learning curve!)
I have a ton of images saved and being saved to the WDMC. Often I need to pull an image from the photo archive to process on the iPhone or iPad to send, post or share (actual image and not via the share link) At this time, the only way to get an image copied into the iOS device is by using the ‘Open in…’ option. But the image can only be saved into the iOS PhotoStream and not directly to the camera roll. I then have to open the Photostream and save image to CameraRoll. Multiple stems.

Is there a quicker, easier method?



At the moment that’s the way that the app works due to apples limitations.

As a recommendation, create a new post on the ideas board to see if that can be implemented.

Link to ideas: