WD MyCloud inaccessible (except to ping)

I came back from holiday, and my 3 TB my cloud showed a steady blue light. I cannot reach it via CFS (windows shares), ssh or via the web UI, however. All connections simply hang forever.

It does respond to ping however. 

Restarting the device results in a white LED for a long time (~30 minutes) but it does eventually go solid blue.

I know the power went off once or twice while I was away as I got emails about the device restarting.

Any advice?

How do you know the ping response is from the mycloud?

if you are using DHCP it is possiable somthing else is at that IP after the poewer failure. check your router config to be sure where the mycloud is and try using the IP to access it

I am having the same problem, except when I restart the MyCloud it goes to steady blue instantly.

I can´t access the webUI, or the drive in the explorer. Reponds to ping however. The Device has a static IP assigned.

After a hard restart (pulling the plug) it works again for some hours. 

I am using the latest Firmware.

I know it is the mycloud is still at that address because:

  1. The IP is reserved for the MAC address of the mycloud in my router configuration.

  2. My router’s DHCP configuration reports the mycloud at that address (as well as the DHCP logs confirming that the usual address was handed out)

  3. The ping predictably stops responding when I turn the mycloud off and starts when I turn it on


I had same issue.

WD MyBook (Not cloud) worked since 1 year at same place without interruption. From one day to the other it stopped accessing. No Webservice available.

I’ve send it back for repair. Today I received an new device.

Did you get to keep your data? (did they change the drive too?)

I’m also curious if you were able to recover your data in the RMA. Otherwise I will probably just open mine to recover the data and then return it to Costco.

Check tftp boot to see if your parts are still here ?

Can you be more explicit? Do I need to disassemble to drive to do that?