WD Mycloud Home edition - What is support USB Hub so I can attach > 1 USB drive

Good Day All,

I have WD Mycloud Home edition. I can attach 1 USB external drive (Toshiba USB3) where I had to reboot the WD for it to see it, (work around).

I have tried a USB hub (not powered) to attach > 1 external without success. The drives just make a clicking sound & WD does NOT see any of them.

Can some recommend a USB Hub so I can attach > 1 USB drive ?

Perhaps a powered USB hub might work.

Wrong WD device support subforum. The My Cloud and My Cloud Home are two different devices. See the My Cloud Home subforum where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist.

My Cloud Home

The following WD Support Knowledge Base Article on the My Cloud Home may have additional information relevent to your issue/question.

My Cloud Home USB Backup and Compatibility