WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!


Can you help me please Fox i follow your step and everything is okay. But when i use “…/mkapkg WDMyCloud” terminal write me “…/mksapkg: Permission denied”, I’ve been trying on OSX, Ubuntu 32bit and Debian always the same answer. Can you help me?
I’m trying to compile the last version of Plex on wdmycloud gen2.


Try chmod 777 mksapkg or chmod 777 * -R (Full access to all folders/subfolders/files)
Also try sudo (or do all from root)


Can you please post the latest Plex version for gen 2 when you compile it?


Got it all working, thanks. Is there a way to remove it though and get everything 100% stock again?


Remove the apps, reboot, profit?



That won’t replace the file that is removed though. I’m wondering if reflashing the current firmware would do it.


No need to reflash, just reboot. That’s why WDCrack exist, the system rewrites the file on reboots.


Okay thanks, I’m new to Linux but managed to get everything installed alright. So just removing the crack and rebooting would put everything back to stock?


To be safe, remove 1st the installed apps if any, remove WDCrack app and then reboot.


Thank you. Easy enough after learing how to use Putty this morning. I manually edited the Transmission settings.json but some settings still get overwritten when the service is stopped and started, either from a toggle in the menu or rebooting the machine.

If anyobdy has an idea of a fix, I’ve noticed the following:

The “Download to:” always reverts to the “Transmission” folder.
“Use port forwarding from my router” is always unticked.

This is the case with both the 2.84 and 2.92 builds.


great to see people unlocking the funtionality.

I’m having issues removing define.js from “/usr/local/modules/web/pages/function/” due to readonly file system FW Current Version 2.21.111

any ideas?


You don’t need to and there sits the firmware image loaded in ram: /usr/local/modules. If you follow the instructions from @Fox_exe in the 1st post you’re good to go.



thanks for the input Salud. I’m not sure if I am missing something here.

Cannot remove original define.js
Cannot link new define.js
WDMyCloud_WDCrack_1.0 will not install


THX a lot your suggestion it was working and i was able to compile the last version downloadable from plex.tv, by now i found no bugs.
I’m leaving here the link to download it, if you like you can add it to your library.



@Fox_exe Just a question. What is the purpose of Custom App List and WD Timeline? Thanks.


App list - Grab apps list from my site and show it in “Install app” tab.
WD Timeline - Twitter addon (Show tweets from WD twitter)




Thank you! I installed the version you compiled and everything seems OK.


I have just installed the Plex app. Version using your compiled version. My LG TV model 55LW5700-TA does not seem to recognise the Plex Server. However, when I scan from the TV it detects the library but cannot open it.

I have ensured that the IP addresses able to access the library is set as – within Plex.

Any thoughts please?


Sorry don’t really know, cause my lg tv 55UH650V is regular working with it.