WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!


Downgraded to the version described elsewhere in this post - 2.21.something
Not successful for me. But I could be doing something else wrong.


algo estais haciendo mal !!!, yo tengo el firmware 2.31.149 a fecha de 3 marzo 2019 y se pueden instalar aplicaciones,
para ver como se instalan mirar el video.

something you are doing wrong !!!, I have firmware 2.31.149 as of March 3, 2019 and applications can be installed,
to see how they are installed watching the video.


something you are doing wrong !!!, I have firmware 2.31.149 as of March 3, 2019 and applications can be installed,
to see how they are installed watching the video.


No creo que lo estemos haciendo mal… lo llevo haciendo desde hace varias versiones (y si te fijas en el hilo y el howto.txt de la web de Fox-exe, fui el que dio el truco para evitar tener que hacerlo por ssh, así que algo del tema se…)

Será otro bug más del firmware de estos aparatos :frowning:

Seguiré investigando… aleatoriamente algunos deja instalarlos, otros dan error, y otros dicen que “se ha desinstalado”. Realmente, Dropbox 2.0 que es el que me interesa, no me funciona en las nuevas versiones del firmware (se instala pero luego no deja vincular la cuenta).


Prueba a través de css para desocultar el menú de instalación. A mi dropbox 2.0 no me funciona, lo intente pero no enlaza con la aplicación correctamente.
He leído por hay que si cambias la configuración de las carpetas de fábrica no funciona.


I have ver. 2.31.149 and have the same problem with accepting the agreement.
Any ideas?


javascript:APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();

write in the url of the google chrome browser: javascript:APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; enter intro, update the page, uncover applications, then write again: javascript:APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();
enter intro and click on install applications.

watch the full video


I’ll give it a try. I’ll let you know if it works for me. I watched the video but couldn’t understand it since it wasn’t in English. Wish I was a multilingual.
Thanks in advance.


I do not speak English very well, what interests you in the video is from minute 3.20 to minute 5.05, the code is copied into the url and you press enter, you have to enter twice to uncover the app’s intalacion menu and the second one accepts the license agreement with what gives option to be able to select the app


Thanks! Got it going and put a couple apps on. Took a very long time to do a backup beforehand. Having trouble connecting to it now. I’ll keep working on it. The main part is working. A question I have is do I have to put in the JavaScript each
time I open the dashboard or did I miss something?


when injecting javascript code, you do not modify the device, these changes are not permanent, but the app is permanent.

APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION = 1; makes application installation visible
APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION = 0; makes application installation invisible APPS_EULA = 1; makes the application installation possible
APPS_EULA = 0; makes application installation impossible

check_app_eula (); Call the function that accepts the license agreement.

Example: javascript: P2P_DOWNLOADS_FUNCTION = 1; enable us to see the p2p application in installed applications !!!


Working good, Thanks for all the help.


I have just updated it.



  • Enter the folder with “cd plexmediaserver”.

I am stuck in this part, I am not able to build the package for the moden.
Can somebody help me???

  • Now we have to create it. If you did your chmoding properly, then use “…/mksapkg -m WDMyCloud” and if not, just add sudo in front of it to run it as root. With it we start the mksapkg app and tell it to create the package for the modem (hence -m) for WDMyCloud.

I’m stuck in the part of stopping the package, I’m not able to build the package for the moden.
Can somebody help me???


Just download the latest build from me.
When I have more time, maybe I can make a video about it, but really don’t see it as a priority in this moment.

There is a dropbox link, and here is available as well:

I have added a mksapkg file as well. If you want more apps or something like that, contact me.



i saw the the new Plex Media Server version is out now - PlexMediaServer-

could someone create the .bin file for installation in myCloud Gen2?

i have allready the possibility to install package after changing some settings in the config of the device.

Thank you in advance.


Here you go.

Dropbox will be moved to website, it takes too much space.



Hy, thank you for the link,

but on the website there is new version of the current PlexMediaServer- that can be installed.

and my linux knowledge is very high. So i asked that someone can create this file.

Thank you for your feedback.


Did you find a solution? I have the same problem. It just says “deleted module…”