WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!


Uncaught ReferenceError: check_app_eula is not defined at <anonymous>:1:38


can please someone post Plex server bin
thank you


I had the same issue and follow 4M4rU post (if you scroll up from your post long enough you will see it).
Here are the steps I used (I started with MyCloud 8GB with firmware 2.31.149) :

  1. Downgrade firmware to My_Cloud_GLCR_2.21.126.bin (wait for it to restart then log back into the server)
  2. in Chrome use F12 then select the terminal Tab and enter:
    APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();
  3. Change to the app tab in the browser and the “+” sign should now allow you to add app. and click “Agree”
  4. install the WD hack app
  5. install any other app either bin (manually) or using the market
  6. Once installed, update back to firmware My_Cloud_GLCR_2.31.149.bin (which is the latest at the time I post)
  7. wait for the server to restart then if need to add additional apps use step 2 again. (no need to downgrade firmware again)

Again, this is thanks to 4M4rU



Hi all, this thread has been great - it really makes the WDMyCloud single bay much more like a home server! Does anyone have an updated version of nzbget though? I’m currently using WDMyCloud_nzbget_1.23.bin but it crashes pretty regularly. I’m hoping a newer version will be more stable. If not, does anyone know how to set up a keepalive script or something that I can run (even if it’s via ssh) so that nzbget will be restarted automatically whenever it crashes?


The latest nzbget is available at https://wdcommunity.com

I’m looking for testers for Duplicati: free backup software to store backups online with strong encryption. Works with FTP, SSH, WebDAV, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive and many others.

Please download from the link above and let me know if it installs properly.


Thanks Tfl, I didn’t know about that site before, but unfortunately the nzbget there didn’t work for me. I uninstalled my nzbget_1.23 from the WDMyCloud, then installed https://github.com/WDCommunity/wdpksrc/releases/download/nzbget-v2.08/WDMyCloud_nzbget_2.08.bin from the wdcommunity site, and the app said it installed successfully on the WDMyCloud dashboard but when I clicked the Configure button the nzbget service did not load. I SSH’d into the MyCloud and there were no binaries in the Nas_Prog/nzbget directory - just some build.sh and other script files. So I uninstalled nzbget_2.08 from the WDMyCloud dashboard and reinstalled nzbget_1.23 from the original fox-exe.ru site, bringing me back up and running with the older version. Then, I downloaded https://github.com/nzbget/nzbget/releases/download/v20.0/nzbget-20.0-bin-linux.run from NZBGet’s main site, copied it to my MyCloud, and ran it via SSH in the Nas_Prog directory. I had to do some symbolic linking to point the bin and config directories back to the nzbget main directory, due to differences in the way the paths were set up in the 1.23 version and 20.0 version, but once I did that then everything is up and running with NZBGet 20.0 running on my MyCloud.

By the way, I don’t understand why the version numbers are so different on the MyCloud binary sites (like fox-exe.ru and wdcommunity.com) vs. the actual NZBGet version numbers. For example, according to the main NZBGet site, there is no version 1.23 or 2.08. So I don’t know why the versions hacked for the MyCloud are versioned as WDMyCloud_nzbget_1.23 or WDMyCloud_nzbget_2.08 etc. In any case, I’m up and running now. Version 20.0 is way more stable than whatever version was in WDMyCloud_nzbget_1.23 and it hasn’t crashed at all in several days of heavy use.


Thanks @Identifier for your extensive report. The nzbget website now redirects to HTTPS, which is poorly handled by the My Cloud OS (using --no-check-certificate all over the place).
The installer now downloads CA certs properly when they are missing.

The annoying version numbers: I simply provide an installer that fetches the latest nzbget release. That installer is now versioned with 2.09. As soon as NZBGet v21 stable comes out, my installer will automatically use that one.
But yeah, I should start pinning versions.