WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!


Unfortunately haven’t found an alternative yet… i also ever got problems with Arcus (it will lose connection with my camera and will not restore connection until a restart of Arcus, and the restart as said was impossible without a fully reboot of the NAS) we need at least someone with the “official” software installed to know if is working actually


Dear sir

Try UFX Software


More info please as Google shows trading software…


UFX? googling shows me only a trading stuff…


‘Joined one hour ago’…



Maybe Zabbix?


Is there any app that we can use like transmission but to download files directly from http or ftp links to My cloud nas without PC?


this is a stock feature… don’t remember exact path but you should find it under app already installed


Hi Franc,
Is it possible to connect my NAS over internet ( I mean remotely ) and start downloading the file remotely like I’m doing with Transmission?


hi. i cant install WDMyCloud_Dropbox_2.00.bin and WDMyCloud_CustomAppList_0.5.bin , it shows “Failed to install app.” .


Maybe it can’t be installed under letest firmware? Mine isn’t updated, so I don’t know. Can anyone confirm latest firmware is compatible with enabling and intalling apps?



ok I know what’s going on. first you must install an earlier version of the application and then update it


I wanted to create an app and later publish it in WD store. I was just going through this example app. However when I try to install this app from wd app store (web interface) manualy, I immediately get the error as “Failed to install app”.

I use that as example : http://developer.mycloud.com/MCDSDKindex.html#10AsampleAppPackagewithoutaWebUI1

What can be wrong and is there any logs where i can figure out what is the problem ?


When I try to enter APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula(); in the console, I’m getting ReferenceError: Can't find variable: check_app_eula in all browsers

I can select custom Apps for installing, but they won’t be installed. Instead the EX2 responds with 500.

(I also cannot locate define.js on Fox_exe’s space.)

It would be very nice if someone could guide me a little here. I’m on v2.11.169 btw.

Step-by-step screenshots:

  1. Link for manual install is present

  2. I select WDCrack v1.2

  3. It’s doing something and the server responds with in internal error

  4. After a timeout I’m back where I started


The point of this thread, and the crack, is to enable the app installation function in the basic MyCloud device.

The ex2 should allow you to install apps out of the box, so the crack should not be needed.


I see. Thanks for clarifying this to me. But when I try to install other Apps like WDMyCloud_UtilsUpdate_17 this also doesn’t work.


If they are repackaged for the basic MyCloud, they won’t work; the package includes a device identifier, so your EX2 will reject it as not being packaged for it.

It’s a crude vertical market differentiation technique. Repackaging is fairly easy; read the other threads.


Hello friends, I have big problem. I have wdmycloud gen2 4TB probably with latest firmware 2.30.172.
I crack WD, installed: Plex, Transmission, SleepFix, WDMyCloud_UtilsUpdate_17 and WDMyCloud_WDCrack first ver. 1.1. next 1.2. Then i uninstalled transmission and reboot device.
When reboot MyCloud, it’s brick - Blue Blinking Led. I don’t login to dashboard only I see “The system is starting up. Wait.” I have access to my files on tv in Plex media server and Wdmycloud. What can i do now?


I have same problem(cannot login in GUI) - maybe it is related to latest firmware.
Yesterday I restarted but after 20 hours still same situation.

In my case I log in over terminal and killed following processes:

In fact I am not sure which one in responsible for the issue, but after that I can access thru GUI.


I do not have SSH enabled :frowning: