WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!

Ouch, looking at serial number, I see BCTL, so GEN 1 My cloud :frowning: Now I think I will return it to amazon and look for a Gen 2. It’s a shame

Mmmm, P/N includes BTCL, which is suppossed to be Gen 1, but ends with “-10”, which is suppossed to be Gen 2.

I think I’ll open it and pray

Don’t be too hasty. There are pros and cons to both devices. The Gen 1 is a more complete Debian Wheezy, and modifications survive reboots. The Gen2 is based on Busybox, which is unwrapped from a compressed form each boot, so changes aren’t static (although there are ways around it…). The Gen 2 has a somewhat faster processor and more RAM.

On balance, I’d prefer a Gen 1 if I got a new device.

The Gen 1 part no. ends in -00, and has firmware v3.x or v4.x
The Gen 2 part no. ends in -10 and has firmware v2.x

Are you sure you have the Gen 2?

Thanks, I’ll open it and try this evening. I need to install Transmission, that’s why I wanted Gen 2. Anyway, I’ll discover it pretty soon.

Thanks a lot

Edited. My bad

Hello all,

Since I updated the crack to v 1.2 I have lost the “p2p downloads” from the app list. “Htp downloada” is still there. But p2p and ftp downloads has vanished. Any ideas how to get these back??

I have search extensively on the internet for a solution to this but cannot find anything. Your help would be appreciated!


Any chance of doing it again? :slight_smile: Thank you in advance!

And again. Sorry. I will definitely have to do it on my own, but not before the end of January, when the exams are over.

Hi boys, I thinks I’m being dumb here.

Can anyone post screenshots? or a quick video ?

It is an AMAZING solution, and by making is simpler, even guys like me can enjoy it.
I appreciate it

Can you provide more information about how to do this. I would like to use @hashashin s mediawiki package on a wd mycloud mirror gen 1.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I believe i found the problem.
Your package isn’t going to the right subfolder.


sudo curl http://anionix.ddns.net/WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud-Gen2/Apps/apps_xml_gen.php > /var/www/xml/app_info.xml

There is no XML in that folder.
But i don’t know what the XML file does.

I downloaded the XML file back when 1.0 was out.
if you need it back, i still got a copy of it.
You may e-mail me.

You could maybe find it here on my site:
NewsTargeted.com | WDMyCloud-Gen2-Apps

The instruction tells curl to access a URL, which runs a PHP script, (apps_xml_gen.php) which creates the XML file.

if you are not finding the XML file in the folder after you have run the command, it must have failed for some reason.

Your website url is missing the file in that folder
And the apps page is empty, not sure if it’s a related issue.
i just get “404 Not Found” if i enter the url i posted.

It’s not my website…

But the script does appear to be missing.

I have unintentionally removed him :frowning:
This file contains list of available apps (For install from webgui). This file isn’t important for my crack. (And not work in new firmware)


I am trying with ubuntu 17.04 to create the latest plex, but cannot run mksapkg tool. I have done chmod +x, went to the plexmediaserver folder …/mksapkg and nothing. Tried with sudo, but no luck.

-bash: ./mksapkg: No such file or directory

Where are you trying to run the packager from? Which directory?

The command you have issued tells linux to run the command from the directory you are in; the ./ prefix does that.

If you have not added the packager directory to your path, you will have to point linux to the directory containing mksapkg.

Did everything. It’s because of the ubutnu 64. Using virtual ubuntu 16 32bit, done everything right and created/installed now a WDMyCloud_plexmediaserver_11014602.bin.

@LaMpiR, install x86 libs or use x86 version of ubuntu.