WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!

Hi Fox_exe, thanks for your great work!

Before i’ll install the crack, i’m wondering if all the files on the drive will stay, or will the drive be formatted and be empty after the install, so do i need to make a back-up before installing the crack?

Thank you in advance!

Any chance of getting the latest plex?

Thanks Fox, you help us a lots.

I would like to ask how to create a “.bin” file(installer)? I have a open source file manager which call kodcloud. It accesses file system more easily. I put the kodcloud folder in to wdmycloud gen2. and create a sym link by putty. The website can show off and access.
But when I reboot my router. the Symbolic link will be destroy, so i need to create a new sym link again.
How can i create the .bin file to avoid the create Symbolic link again?

Updated my post with new builds


Thanks for the tip. I see this was a year ago and a lot of people got it to work, but for me (firmware 2.30.165) when I go to manually install an App I get the license agreement screen but the “Accept” button does nothing. I also get an error from the “check_app_eula” command. I am quite possibly missing something obvious … any clues?

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Can anyone please tell me, before i’ll installing the crack, if all the files on the drive will stay, or will the drive be formatted and be empty after the install, so do i need to make a back-up before installing the crack?

Thank you in advance!

The crack just enables the installation of apps. Your files should be unaffected.

You have a backup of the files on the MyCloud anyway, don’t you…? If you haven’t, do one NOW.

Thanks! Yes, i’m working on that with the Safepoints function :wink:

Which My Cloud do you have? The first gen v4.x or the second gen v2.x? “Safepoint” is only on the first gen v4.x firmware My Cloud. The first gen v4.x My Cloud does not have an “apps” tab. The mod’s discussed in this thread are only for the second gen v2.x firmware My Cloud units. The second gen v2.x My Cloud doesn’t have Safepont, instead it has a “Backup” tab.

If have to check when I’m back home, but thanks for the advice! So if I do have the first gen, is it possible to install Plex or isn’t it anyway?

One can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to find past discussions/posts on possibly installing Plex to the first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud devices. Here is one such post:

Yes, unfortunately i do have the gen1 drive and i don’t understand how the install works for Plex server on this decive. Also i’m wondering if it would be a good idea to try it anyway.

For people who are getting the eula screen after running the command, run it again then the EULA window does not prompt again.

Hello guys,

I’ve been trying all day to recompile an app to use on WD MyCloud 2nd gen (single bay). But to no avail. I see that @Fox_exe’s version of BittorrentSync is version 2.3.8 but the newest version available is 2.5.9 (see here: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206664870-Western-Digital).

Would anybody be willing to help out a bit here and recompile the most current version? I would much appreciate it!



EDIT: Alright, I figured it out and got it working. If anybody ever wonders, here’s the latest version of Resilio Sync (formerly, BitTorrentSync): https://drive.google.com/file/d/12izxzBY9gi-EaRNrkxgvFrdWcLgAs2wI

My issue was with not using 32-bit Ubuntu. Once I used that, everything worked our perfectly. Also, you must make mkapkg-x32 executable for this to work (with command chmod +x mkapkg-x32).

Hope this helps anybody recompiling an app.




Plex has released update package v 1.97. can you please repack it for WD My Cloud NAS Gen2?

It works!

HI i have problem in enabling app installation
I am not able to understand the issue can anyone try to solve the issue
By making a youtube video how to enable app installation and to install transmiision app

Try all my best to do it .but unable to to it properly’’
Make a Kind gesture try to solve this issue Any one Can help By making a video and uploading to YouTube

Spec - Using Mycloud 4tb From Google Chrome
favourable language of guide
be in English

hi can u make ayoutube video how to enable app installation .
I am not able to understand

I installed several apps on My Cloud gen2 such as plexmediaserver, chroot, transmission.

Because there is a new firmware version 2.03.172, I’m considering to update my cloud firmware.

I enabled ssh and generated two-user id/password from terminal.

If I update the firmware, should I install and set up the above apps, again?

Hi, I just received my My cloud 8tb single bay and want to install transmission. Does this method works on all 2.x firmware? I haven’t checked my fw yet, but I don’t want to update it and loose this apps option :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!