WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!

Try nzbget as user and tegbzn6789 as password.


Do you have a copy of the bin file for the amazon S3 App? Can’t find it.

I have the same problem. Did everything as in the guide but can’t click the “Accept terms” button.

Hi everyone. First of all apologies for being dumb!

i am planning to buy WD MyCloud 2TB external nas hard disk drive.

part number is: WDBCTL0020HWT-10
model number is: WDBCTL0020HWT-ESSN

Will this support Plex and Tranmission apps ?

Please can you help on this


Officially? No. The single bay/single drive My Cloud units do not officically support third party apps like Plex or Transmission. See the following WD knowledgebase link for more information on which My Cloud units officially support third party apps.


Unofficially and absolutely not supported by WD you can use SSH to modify the My Cloud firmware to enable the Apps tab on the second generation v2.x single bay My Cloud. Using SSH may void your My Cloud warranty.

Start with reading the first post in this thread and additional posts above to learn how to modify the firmware to enable apps on the 2nd gen single bay My Cloud units. Use the forum search feature to find additional discussions on installing apps to the 2nd gen single bay My Cloud unit.

It should be noted that if you don’t know what you are doing and issue the wrong command via SSH you could potentially brick (render unusable) the My Cloud device. So use at your own risk.

Is there anyway we can update manually to without bothering you to do it? Are there any headers we need to edit on our end? Please teach us how to update Plex manually. Thank you for your continued support.

I’m totally noobie, I read part of this thread and I made those steps:

  1. input javascript string on my browser Chrome;
  2. open Chrome dev console and past code for work around accepting conditions;
  3. upload Plex Server

It works

Thank you

Cannot install WDMyCloud_WDCrack_1.1.bin because it does not appear in available apps after executing all given instruction ?
What am I missing ?

Manual install done normal?

Its now OK , I found how .
But WD is difficult , always problems
MyCloud disappear regularly from WDSync, Accepting EULA does not wwork

Approch mycloud with goodsync or Backup4sure, or syncbackfree work
beter, so stuff from WD removed from PC

Thanks for the anszer


That is generally good advice; don’t use WD software unless you really have to.

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I know u very busy so i think my wd my cloud is ready to rma or trash…
I have gen2 im sure…
i try install debian ovm … so i crash…
i just have access by telnet or usb so is possible lol !!!

I wait …
please help me

Look up the ‘unbricking’ or ’ ‘debricking’ threads to find out how to re-install the WD firmware.

I’m not able to do it on my MyCloud device. Stuck on step 3 (copy define.js to public dir). When I skip step 3 step 4 would not work need extreme help. want to use plex on my device but I don’t have the apps tab enabled on my device dashboard.

I am trying to install a Git Server on my Gen 2 but I can’t get to install Git. I really don’t understand why it is such a hazzle. I’ve tried installing WDMyCloud_WDCrack_1.1.bin and WDMyCloud_WDCrack_1.0.bin following your steps but I get an error; Failed to install app. Any suggestions?

You realise this is an English command, not a linux command, right?

I’m not sure if you have to put the downloaded define.js into the /Public folder using a linux cp command under SSH, or whether you can simply copy it into /Public using the normal file server access (e.g. under Windows or MacOS, etc). I suspect the latter, and that step 3 can be done before 1&2.

The sequence of commands for the installation is:
using a file manager, copy the define.js file to somewhere in user space (somewhere in /Public; it shouldn’t matter where)
login to the linux OS vis SSH
delete the existing define.js file (the rm command)
create a symbolic link to that file (the ln -sf command) in the place of the old define.js file; if you’ve put it somewhere other than the top level of /Public, you’ll have to give the full path
set it to full rwx permissions (chmod 777).

Essentially we’re replacing the existing define.js with Fox’s version, but putting it in /Public so it won’t be obliterated when the device reboots and unpacks the OS.

Hmmm… I thought this explanation sounded familiar…

Ok, understood that part. I only didn’t understood my my cloud version. It is called only “My Cloud”. Everybody says gen2 or 1 but I don’t understand what that means hope you can help me.

Can anyone really describe me what to do from the beginning. and the model of my my cloud? it’s a 3tb model.

Go to the Dashboard home page.

If the firmware version it reports is v2.xxx, it’s Gen2.
If the firmware version it reports is v4.xxx (or v3.xxx), it’s Gen1.