WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!

Es tan simple como poner dos veces lo mismo.

  1. La primera, hace visible instalar app en my cloud.
  2. La segunda, acepta el contrato de eula y ejecuta aceptar.
    javascript:APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();
    Aclaracion !!! si pones la instruccion completa en la url
    javascript:APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();
    Tendras que introducirla dos veces para que funcione!!!

It’s as simple as putting the same thing twice.

  1. The first one, makes it visible to install an app in my cloud.
    javascript: APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION = 1;
  2. The second, accept the contract of eula and execute accept.
    javascript: APPS_EULA = 1; check_app_eula ();
    Clarification! if you put the complete instruction in the url
    javascript: APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION = 1; APPS_EULA = 1; check_app_eula ();
    You will have to enter it twice to make it work !!!


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Aqui dejo un video de instalar aplicaciones en Mycloud 1 bahia.
install apps into Mycloud single bay.


any one got the latest plex update??

many thanks in advance

Good morning,

can you help me with this topic and installing Mycloud Arcus on my device?


Sorry for the lack of updates, I stopped using Plex on WD MyCloud due to performance issues.

Here are the latest builds using the WD MyCloud Mirror Gen 1 images from Plex

Updated 9/26/2018

Plex Media Server
September 21, 2018

I also made one for Resilio Sync - latest version 2.6.0

Commands used for Builds:
dd if=WDMyCloudMirror_plexmediaserver_11385395-10d48da0d.bin of=WDMyCloudMirror_plexmediaserver_11385395-10d48da0d.tar.gz bs=200 skip=1
tar -zxvf WDMyCloudMirror_plexmediaserver_11385395-10d48da0d.tar.gz
cd plexmediaserver
…/mksapkg -s -m WDMyCloud

dd if=WDMyCloudEX2_ResilioSync_2.6.0.bin of=WDMyCloudEX2_ResilioSync_2.6.0.tar.gz bs=200 skip=1
tar -zxvf WDMyCloudEX2_ResilioSync_2.6.0.tar.gz
cd ResilioSync/
…/mksapkg -s -m WDMyCloud

If you are making builds on CentOS 7 x64 you will need to install libxml2 or you will have errors running mksapkg even if you have libxml2 installed.
sudo yum install libxml2.i686

Here is mksapkg from WD (it’s a pain now to download)


If anyone wants Tautulli, the monitoring tool for your Plex media server, you can find it at https://www.wdcommunity.com
And here is a docker environment to run the mksapkg tool.

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Hello I need a favor you could send me a little video of how to build plex with — mksapkg — because I can not understand well and in linux this application does not open thanks in advance if you can send me the video the my email and [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY]

@LatinoHeat I was able to figure out how to compile the updates. Here’s the link to the latest public version as of today: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggpjndg0ye262an/WDMyCloud_plexmediaserver_11395456.bin?dl=0

Here’s how to compile the updates, step by step:

  1. Install Ubuntu. You can also use Debian if that tickles your fancy.

  2. Install virtualization software like VirtualBox for Mac.

  3. Download Ubuntu. Only the 32-bit versions work with mkapkg, so you’ll need to download 16.04 instead of the latest version.

  4. Install Ubuntu on your Virtual Desktop. VirtualBox makes this very straightforward. You will create a blank virtual machine, and then when you start it for the first time, you select the disk image for the Ubuntu installer to begin the process.

  5. For convenience’s sake, make your username blork. That way you can just copy and paste my terminal commands below.

  6. Download mkapkg (https://www.dropbox.com/s/8p3z6l6trmwzel9/mkapkg-x32?dl=0)

  7. Download the latest Plex My Cloud Mirror update file (https://www.plex.tv/media-server-downloads/). Make sure you choose the first and not the second generation.

  8. Rename this file “plex” (so it will be plex.bin)

  9. Open Terminal in Ubuntu and enter the following commands (I’m doing them one at a time because I’m bad at computers. If something doesn’t work, try sudo)

cd /home/blork/downloads

chmod +x mkapkg-x32

dd if=plex.bin of=plex.tar.gz bs=200 skip=1

tar -xvf plex.tar.gz

cd plexmediaserver

…/mkapkg-x32 -m WDMyCloud

(IMPORTANT: THERE ARE TWO PERIODS BEFORE THE SLASH FOR THE LAST COMMAND but the website keeps turning it into three)

  1. This will generate the new .bin file! You will need to rename the file since it will add numbers to the .bin extension.

  2. Upload the file via My Cloud Dashboard and enjoy a more up-to-date Plex experience!


Hello can some one have latest plex thank you… cant quite understand how to ubuntu to do it my self

Sure thing.


thank you very much

Can you please share the mkapkg-x32 file? It’s not working in the link you sent. I have to put this file in the downloads folder as well or I need to do something else first? Thank you!

Hi all! i have installed on my cloud 2nd gen. single bay the plex mediaserver app. it works great! Is there a way to have iptv channels in the same plex media server? is there any compilated bin to download and install or some trick to install manually? thank you all in advance

hello… how about milestone arcus surveillance… can t have the 2 free licenses to work because of old version available…

can some one get the new one or one that works in mycloud

thank you and Merry Christmas

Uncaught ReferenceError: check_app_eula is not defined at <anonymous>:1:38

can please someone post Plex server bin
thank you

I had the same issue and follow 4M4rU post (if you scroll up from your post long enough you will see it).
Here are the steps I used (I started with MyCloud 8GB with firmware 2.31.149) :

  1. Downgrade firmware to My_Cloud_GLCR_2.21.126.bin (wait for it to restart then log back into the server)
  2. in Chrome use F12 then select the terminal Tab and enter:
    APP_INSTALL_FUNCTION=1; APPS_EULA=1; check_app_eula();
  3. Change to the app tab in the browser and the “+” sign should now allow you to add app. and click “Agree”
  4. install the WD hack app
  5. install any other app either bin (manually) or using the market
  6. Once installed, update back to firmware My_Cloud_GLCR_2.31.149.bin (which is the latest at the time I post)
  7. wait for the server to restart then if need to add additional apps use step 2 again. (no need to downgrade firmware again)

Again, this is thanks to 4M4rU


Hi all, this thread has been great - it really makes the WDMyCloud single bay much more like a home server! Does anyone have an updated version of nzbget though? I’m currently using WDMyCloud_nzbget_1.23.bin but it crashes pretty regularly. I’m hoping a newer version will be more stable. If not, does anyone know how to set up a keepalive script or something that I can run (even if it’s via ssh) so that nzbget will be restarted automatically whenever it crashes?

The latest nzbget is available at https://wdcommunity.com

I’m looking for testers for Duplicati: free backup software to store backups online with strong encryption. Works with FTP, SSH, WebDAV, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive and many others.

Please download from the link above and let me know if it installs properly.