WD mycloud ex4100 different ip setup

Hi all,

I just bought a NAS ex4100, i wonder to know is that possible 2 different ip address with different ip segment access to the NAS server?
For instance : ip address (192.168.1.x) & (192.168.10.x) are not communicate each others, but i hope both ip segment can connect to ex4100.
I found ex4100 got 2 lan port, possible I create 2 different static ip address in ex4100?
If yes, then how? Please help.
Thank you.

According to the manual, the second interface is only supported for Link Aggregation.

GUI looks otherwise if you turn off Link Aggregation.

Indeed! I just checked the manuals for my EX4 and DL4100, which also doesn’t show that – yet it actually is on my control panel.

So the documentation is, in fact, incorrect for those devices!

Documentation is wrong in MANY places for these devices full stop :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I notice the topic was about ex4100 but you also mention ex4.

Can you please confirm on your EX4 systems that you can have 2 LAN networks with different address (presumably by turning Link Aggregation off).

Th GUI when I choose LAN Set Up Wizard implies that the settings you are choosing are for LAN 1 and LAN2. See Below:


I saw an option re Link Aggregation and it was set to Active Backup but there was no option to turn it off.

It looks like you’re using VERY old firmware for your EX4.

Here’s mine:

Thanks very much for your reply on what was previously an old thread.

The firmware looks like it hasn’t been updated since I bought the machine as default setting of firmware updates is set to off. Ever since service pack 3 for XP losing my data I haven’t been a fan of updates but will do so obviously now as this is exactly what I need.

I will let you know how I go and if I can set the LANs to different IPv4 addresses and if you can access the machine at the same time.

Could I ask, does the firmware speed up the machine with respect to displaying files and directories as this NAS is very slow compared to other NAS drives I used before getting it.

Now I know about Link Aggregation, perhaps if I used this feature it would have sped the machine up.