WD MyCloud Ex2 Ultra like dropbox

Hello everybody!

I am new and with very little experience.

in the home network the mycloud is accessible from all PCs with the various users and authorizations.

but how do i get access to my folders even from
Is my pc at work?
I cannot download the file every time from OS5 via browser and then reload it.

I used to use doprbox and hotfolders before and had a great time.
but the space was no longer sufficient.

i thought i was using goodsync but i don’t understand how i post it.
Does GoodSync do the same job as dropbox but using the space on my mycloud wd?

alternative ideas?

A thousand thanks

Yeah, the WD apps out of the box don’t seem quite up to a normal use case like that.

There are a few options.
My favorite is to establish a VPN connection to your home network using something like OpenVPN. (My router serves as the “server”; my PC works as a client). Then, you can access your home PC as if you were on your home network.

Second option would be to use FTP or SSH functionality of your nas to . . .pretty much do the same thing. (although I would use a VPN as well if doing SSH or FTP).

This involves knowing the WAN IP address of your home router; which is not hard. There are registration services that allow you to use a rational web name and automatically resolve the WAN IP address of the router (This addresses change occassionally). In my case, my router manufacturer (ASUS) offers a free service for this.

i use resilio sync as a dropbox substitute. works as intended and it has the pay once option instead of the reaccurring payments like goodsync or dropbox …

there is an app for the NAS and one for every major operating system, including iOS and Andriod

total recommendation here … fast and stable between multiple machines

For what it’s worth, there used to be an app, WD Sync, which did just this. Many of us bought the EX2 to have our own Dropbox like service and with the forced move to OS5, this software is no longer available.

Very unfortunate and a bad public relations move from WD.

this is exactly as it went down here … I used WD Sync for many years and actually upgraded from WD MyCloud (first gen.) to EX2 Ultra (twice … one 4TB and later one 8TB) just because of WD Sync to have my personal Dropbox. OK, that was not the most reliable software, but it worked most of the time until WD just dropped the support … I was VERY disappointed in that move and more to that, that WD presented Goodsync as replacement … ridiculous … if I wanted to pay a monthly fee I‘d go with dropbox in the first place.

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I have found a downlodable version of WD Sync.
Still work or is permantly disabled?

If so… I think that the soloution is to move to Synology!

I don’t believe it is supported any longer, i.e. it worked under OS3, but all remote functions of OS3 are going away shortly. And it’s not supported under OS5.

I’ve come to terms with hardware that’s eventually outdated, but this device is still sold, new. And a large selling point of it is now no longer functional. I already started the move to Synology, but until this update crippling my EX2, I was still using it.