WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra - Device Offline

This is about to make me throw this EX2 in the trashcan and go buy a buffalo NAS drive. I this is the second WD MyCloud with the same issue - after spending H-O-U-R-S on the phone with some guy in India, a complete format and factory reset (useless) telling me to replace it - and now seeing MANY having the same problem - I need WD to engage here and provide a SOLUTION and Firmware fix for this. This is entirely their problem.

My WD Mycloud EX2 Ultra will be accessible to local network connectivity but will not be available using the WD MyCloud Apple store app - shows offline until I remote into the network and reboot the NAS and then it immediately comes online but only for a VERY short time. I found that if I have a “Keep-Alive” software constantly pinging the drive every 30-seconds it seems to stay “awake” longer but eventually that fails and I have to reboot the ■■■■ thing.

I’m running the latest firmware: 2.31.204
Energy Settings:

  • Drive Sleep = OFF
  • LED = ON
  • Power Schedule = OFF
  • Web Access Timeout: 30 Minutes (MAX)

There are no other settings that I can find to keep the network adapter alive. I have read where they say plug the device directly into the cable modem and not use a switch - Guess what? I’ve done both and I still have the same problem so that solution is complete BS and does not work.

About to flush this junk down the toilet… Someone please help if you have found a fix for it, I’d love to hear it.


You can manually update the firmware to version 2.40.155:


Run a System Diagnostics:


Yes I did this firmware update and it still goes to sleep it seems and I have to reboot for it to show on the app. Frustrating.

it is just my second day of using this device and I can’t even set it up. I have been using WD HDDs for as long as I have been using a computer but I regret buying this product. I should have put in few more bucks and brought a Synology instead. which someone would buy it from me so that I can get my money back somehow.