WD MyCloud EX2 cannot store Apple Pages Documents

I wanted remote access to files created in Apple’s Pages program (word processing). I copied the files from my Mac to the MyCloud EX2 but the files show up as folders on my iPad and thus cannot be opened. They open correctly on my Mac. 

In reading about this (e.g.  https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5500576) I discovered that Apple updated its file format to save Pages documents as packages and not a single file. The Mac and iPad read these as documents but WD reads them as a folder with documents included that cannot be read. This is a change by Apple for version 5. I have some older Pages document that open fine using the WD application. But current documents cannot be opened by the iPad after they are transferred to the EX2. 

It appears that DropBox has updated their software so that it now correctly reads these packages. Unfortunately once they are transfered the the EX2, if I subesequently copy them to DropBox, they are corrupted by the WD filling and cannot be open. My only solution is to use DropBox exclusively for saving Pages files; which complicates keeping my files in one location. 

I also noted that opening a Pages document, saved in DropBox, using the WD iOS application also corrupts the file. I have to keep using the DropBox app and be careful when transferring files from the EX2 to DropBox. I’m sure I’ll mess something up along the way and corrupt my DropBox files. 

Is there any chance that WD can update their software to allow Apple Pages documents to be read correctly? It would certainly make my use of my EX2 much more effective. 



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