WD MyCloud - E-Mail link validation

Hi guys,

I have just a short questions and hopefully it was not already discussed somewhere. If yes, sorry for a new entry…


If I send a download link from my MyCloud to anybody, how long does this link stays valid?

Means does the person can download this file forever again and again or does the link will lose the validation after … I don’t know 24h?

Would be very great to get a feedback!

Thanks a lot!


no personal experiance but it has been discussed before and I believe there is no expiration

some people have suggested copying the file to a temporary location and sending a link from there, then delete this temp file when you want which will break the link

Thanks for your idea. But the point is, if I have a large company structure with products on the Cloud, I don’t want to copy files into temporary directories… It is creating a to large workflow.

Usually I am expecting an expiration of shared links.

Any other ideas? WD, what do you think???

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Bo :slight_smile:

this device is really intended as home personal storage. for commercial use I strongly suggest looking elsewhere at a RAID device and a real backup solution