WD MyCloud drive does not synchronize with my PC

my drive does not synchronize with the PC
I have a windows 10, and my PC synchronizes only when the restart WD MyCloud - and also not all files will synchronize. Does anyone know what needs to be done to make it work normally.
Sorry for my English.


Can you please try setting up a new synchronization process with one folder?

What type of files are you trying to synchronize.

I use mostly corel draw and synchronizes these files. I sync other folders and not working. It only works after you reboot the device.

What software are you using to do the synchronizing? WD Sync?

Others have found that WD Sync isn’t working properly for them so they’ve resorted to using 3rd party sync software, like FreeFileSync which may have more options than the WD Sync program has.

I use WD Sync. But try this program can be better. Thank you and best regards