WD MyCloud doesn't connect to internet

I have no idea what to do with my device.
Since updating to the latest firmware, the device can’t connect to internet (can’t ping to google from an SSH session) so it doesn’t update the time, can’t check for new firmware, can’t download files from internet to it.

I can access its files from a computer in the same LAN though.


The modem/router doesn’t have the firewall activated, there’s no parental control enabled, no port forwarding configured either.

from SSH, can you ping If you can ping then there is a problem with your DNS when you try to ping google.com

Yup. Additionally:-

  1. cat /etc/resolv.conf; - You should see your router IP something like nameserver

  2. If you can ping IPs like, then confirm it’s DNS issue. Either with your router (try reboot?) or ISP (contact them) if you can’t even resolve hostnames on other devices such as PC. You got two options:
    a. Make changes to your MyCloud, note this will be revert to default when your MyCloud/Router reboots.
    echo -e "nameserver\nnameserver">/etc/resolv.conf;
    b. Login to your router admin page and change the DNS to GoogleDNS, primary, secondary

Ok, it must be a DNS thing then.
After echo -e "nameserver\nnameserver">/etc/resolv.conf; I can ping google.

My router doesn’t let me change the DNS, so I’ll have to contact the ISP (I doubt they’ll help me, but can’t hurt to try)

It would be helpful if you let us know your router’s make/model.

You can set the DNS permanently on the MyCloud but need to switch from DHCP to Static. From the dashboard settings -> network -> network mode -> static. Fill up all the settings according to your router (IP: MyCloud IP, Netmask:, Gateway: Router IP) but DNS Server 1 as and DNS Server 2 as

Nazar78, the MyCloud has had a static IP from the beginning:
IP = 192.168.0.xxx
DNS Server 1:
DNS Server 2:
DNS Server 3: ~blank~

So I still find it weird that it has had trouble connecting.
I’m thinking in just resetting to factory parameters, but I’m find of afraid of losing the data it has now.

About the router/modem is a thomson DCW 775.

Reseting won’t affect your data. Not sure about your issues it may need further troubleshooting.