WD MyCloud Desktop App on touchscreen

Hi. I am using MyCloud desktop app on my Windows tablet and I must say that touch experience with this application is horrible. I am also missing option to just download file from cloud. There is option to Open the file, but all I want is to download it. I found that the files are synchronized to folder …\AppData\Roaming\com.wd.WDMyCloud\Local Store\ but it is not so simple as to have option to donwload file.

Have you ever tried the WD My Cloud Mobile app made for tablets? Visit the Learning Center to download the app. Use link below.


See how the mobile app works for you. Try drag and drop to your tablet or copy and paste.


[quote=“cat0w, post:2, topic:142099, full:true”]
Have you ever tried the WD My Cloud Mobile app made for tablets? [/quote]
The OP indicated they have a Windows Tablet. The mobile apps are for iOS and Android only.

For the OP (original poster) you should post a suggestion to the Cloud Ideas section on ways they (WD) can improve the My Cloud Desktop software on Windows tablets. More and more laptops are coming with touch screens these days which will probably cause more and more people to have issues with the My Cloud Desktop program.

Yes, I read it but wasn’t thinking. I don’t own a tablet but if it has a browser wouldn’t it be easier and maybe work better to use mycloud.com?