WD MyCloud Desktop App not doing anything

I installed the WD My Cloud desktop app on a Win7 x64 machine and it is doing absolutely nothing when I try running it.

Am I missing something - is it doing something in the background or something?

How did you try to open it, by a desktop shortcut or under Start>All Programs>Western Digital>WD My Cloud? See example image below.

Here is what you should see when it opens up.

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cat0w (USA)


Is this your first time running it?

I just wanted to clarify that nothing happens when you click on the application icon?

I have the same problem.  The program installs quickly and when I go to the folder on my start menu it says “empty”.  I have absolutely no problems with the previous version.

When I was running the previous version of course when the update came out it asked me if I wished to install.  I said yes and it seemed to never install.  I thought deleting the previous version and installing this update would work but now I’m in a worse position.