WD MyCloud Auto upgrade to PRO?


I’ve installed a new WD My Cloud device and followed the installation instructions to install the Smartware Pro software.

It is mentioned that an auto upgrade to the PRO version is supposed to happen, but it didn’t.

How do I activate it ?



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

What message do you get when you click on the button on the top left corner that says upgrade to pro? 

Hi there YuvalB,

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Please see page 32 of the user manual on the link below for direct information on how to update to Pro.



When I click the Upgrade button I get a dialog as specified in the User Guide (with ability to purchase activation etc). But it doens’t upgrade to Pro version automatically as specified in the WD MyCloud devic guide. 

Here are a couple of images I saved about Pro. Did you get past these?

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cat0w (USA)

I got the first screen showing the button on the top right corner.
Clicking it showed a dialog asking for activation. I didn’t get the expected dialog shown in the second attached image.