WD MyCloud assigns the same share name to two different USB disks

I have a 4 TB WD My cloud with firmware 2.x. Also I have two identical My Passport USB drives which I want to use for making backups of differnt parts of the MyCloud.
The problem is that when I connect either disk to the USB port, the two come up with the same share name (“My_Paasport_820-1”), thus I cannot create different backup jobs to backup different parts of the WD MyCloud on each disk.
If I change the share name while the disk is attached, eject it and reconnect again, it doesn’t keep the share name.

How can I assign a different share name to each disk ? Is this done automatically ? Based on what ? Does the fact that the two USB disks are the same model have anything to do ?

Is there any script can edit to change this behavior ?


Why not give each Passport drive its own unique name? Attach them to a computer and rename each drive, then try them again in the My Cloud to see if each now has a different share name. An example of how to change an external hard drive’s name in Windows:


Another simple way is to create a file on each disk with a different name. This way your script can tell the difference.

Thanks Bennor for the answer but I´ve already done that. The drives have different names, but it seems that the automatically created share name doesn´t consider the drive name, but it uses some combination of brand name, model, etc instead.
It is always created as “My_Passport_820-1”

Do you know how the WD MyCloud creates the share ?

Thanks Rac8006, good idea but I don’t want to create any script for making the backup. I just want to use the WD backup option on the dashboard.
I mentioned scripts before because maybe I can edit the script that creates the share names.