WD MyCloud app stalls and does not bring up the Dashboard

WD MyCloud app stalls on Mac.
From triggering the app, the process goes through:
Sign into WDMyCloud.com
Select device/connect
Sign in
App then stalls with this message
"Sit back while we connect to the device "

Please note:
I can access files on from Finder, Plex, Sonos and web apps.
I can access the Dashboard via the web to its IP address.

Hmm. So you are trying to connect to right IP. As plex and finder wd app is cloud login. Local has to be connected to router where you connected the NAS. If another router or hotspot you cant access locally,

Hi Rayles ,

Have you tried to open WD My cloud.com in any other web browser if you have. We will be waiting for your update.


Yes Peter, I have. Maybe my question is not clear. It is the WD MyCloud app that I am having the problem with. I can access the Dashboard via any browser on any PC using the correct IP address. Also I can access any file on the NAS using Finder, Plex, Sonos and other music and photo apps.