WD Mycloud app on Mac


Since the newest update of firmware to 2.31.149 I am not able to access my WD PR2100 and PR4100 from the WD Mycloud app on my Mac computers. it says that the account is not authorized. I have deleted all of the shares and have deleted the software from the Mac computers and reinstalled. I have tried logging in with my email address as I have done before. I have even created new activation codes to be able to log in. I keep getting the same errors of account is not authorized. I am the admin on the devices. Any ideas?


@Gambit18657 please reference the following KB regarding the Desktop App EOL and supported firmware versions.


BESIDES, using the web version of mycloud, is there any other options? This isn’t going to work well for me. I liked the app, and have it on remote machines as well, it was easier to use than setting up a web browser and logging in. PLUS, it allowed delete with some other issues like HomeRun HD.


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Well, I do think users should be notified by Western Digital in front about closing of WD My Cloud App ability. Many users spent lots of time trying to get to know what gone wrong that they lost access to their NASes. I get it as a kind of WD’s ignorance and incompetence and it does not seem OK, I’m afraid.


I think you have to settle for the browser version for the moment.

VPN AnyDesk


It doesn’t work as well as the app for transferring multiple files. It also doesn’t support from one device to another transfer. It needs to come back.


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