WD MyCloud App in Google Play cannot download

I have a new Sony Bravia TV and would like to access my MyCloud on my home LAN.

I have tried to download the MyCloud App but when I try, I get a “incompatible” message and the “install” option is frozen.

Any workaround for this ?

Not really. If there isn’t a version of the app in Google play store that has been compiled to run on your TV, that’s tough; that’s the nature of diverse and obscure Android platforms.

Your only hope is to petition Sony & WD to work together to get the app compiled to support your TV.

HOWEVER, if all you want to do is play media, or access files, then look to any one of the hundreds of apps that will do this; there’s nothing about the MyCloud that means it must use the MyCloud app; in fact, it’s very limited, and there are far better options. Assuming they’re available for your TV (the problem with ‘smart TV’).

I use Kodi, BubbleUPnP & CM File Manager on my android devices; they work fine with MyCloud.

You should be using the Bravia’s built in DLNA client to access the media content on the My Cloud. Review the following Sony links that describes how to connect certain Bravia TV’s to a DLNA media server. Note they use Windows Media Player in their example, you can ignore those steps for setting up Windows Media Player.



Also make sure to read the Tonkey FAQ for further information on how to make best use of the media server within the My Cloud.


Good point about the built-in DLNA player; the Play references made me assume it was one of the more recent Sony TVs with Android TV, which is a bit smarter than older models, and able to use apps from the Play Store, rather than a Sony ‘walled plant pot’ app store…