WD MyCloud app - how can I auto-backup photos after reconnecting to wifi?

In order to save on my data plan I usually disable the iOS My Cloud app > Backup options > Use data plan feature. This means that my photos get backed up to my EX2 only when I’m on wifi.

The issue I have is that the photos that I take when I’m not on wifi do not get backed up when I return to a location where I am on wifi.

Is this by design? A bug? A feature that needs to be added? Or is it impossible?

Thank you.

If you are using an iPhone, see this post of today regarding issues with Auto-Lock feature preventing complete uploads at times. Android phones not affected. The actual mention of Auto-Lock is not mentioned in post; the info you want is embedded as a link to the post, so find the embedded posts (not easy and “up front” as the last link at bottom of thread.

I don’t understand how to find the thread which you are referring to. Can you send the URL?

Yep, it was hard to find, so here it is:

Oops, I accidently deleted my post, so gotta find another where it was mentioned.

Thanks to google and I found another post with the info, so this is the content of post and not the link.

IMPORTANT: for very large uploads (such as a complete and full iOS Camera Roll,) the iPhone/iPad Auto-Lock control needs to be set at a high value (meaning, set to Never,) BEFORE the upload begins, or else Auto-Lock will likely time out, step in, and shut down the
iPhone/iPad, and your uploading will stop before it completes.
(WD Support says Auto-Lock is a battery-saving design feature of iOS devices.)

Also, for large uploads, have a fully charged iOS device, and keep My Cloud app in the foreground during uploading.

Be sure when all is completely finished to put your Auto-Lock control back to where you had it set (at 5 minutes or under).

Subsequent auto-uploads may not require resetting Auto-Lock if only a few items are uploaded.

I have been told by WD Support that Android devices do not have this issue.

That’s not my issue.

If I take a photo when I’m not on Wifi then it doesn’t sync to my ex2. This is because I have cellular data.

When I return to a location where I am on wifi, it doesn’t sync the photos that I took when I was only on cellular data.

Is this by design? A bug? A feature that needs to be added? Or is it impossible?

Maybe it has something to do with the app settings, your problem seems weird, so I will take a few iphone photos with Wi-Fi off and see what happens to me. Back later.

I got it. If the My Cloud app is on; even minimized, back up will not occur until app is totally off, and then turned back on. App must know to do uploading right after it boots, (even then it took a minute or so) and will not upload again until it is turned on from “off” condition again, (at least under conditions you described of Wi-Fi off and back on). I got it to work for me. One cannot just leave apps “on” forever either, even if in background) .They need to be refreshed once in a while – as in this case.

It seems to me that there should be a way to flag files that hadn’t been backed up when away from wifi (when you have “use cellular data” disabled inside of the My Cloud iOS app.

Then when you return it looks at those flags and uploads the ones that have not been backed up but are in your Camera Roll.

BTW, I never use data plan to upload with My Cloud, either. Actually, this problem never happens to me for a couple of reasons. I rarely turn off Wi-Fi, and if I had been taking pictures and out of range of my Wi-Fi, the pictures will upload when I return to my Wi-Fi; whether it is from down the street or from out of town foe a week.

The other reason it doesn’t happen to me is because I turn off apps I am not using. So, if I have pictures taken to upload during that time, and I turn app back on, it works fine. To me, this serves the purpose of “the flag” you want to add.

Yake care, and nice chatting. Glad the problem was resolved.