Wd mycloud app and ios 5

I’m getting pretty upset with WD!
I decided to buy their My Cloud partly because it’s compatible with Windows, Android AND iOs…
I read their doc several times, and everywhere it is stated that their iOs app is compatible with iOs 5 and upper… this suits me because M y iPod is not so new and won’t run with iOs 6.
Now, when I go and download this App, it tells me that I have to update to iOs 6!!!
How can I get this app to install???
Why is WD not updating their doc? Are they lazy or liars?
And to make it even better I even can’t send them a direct email to ask: my connection is rejected each and every time.
This is really not fair!!! :frowning:

We have requested the Support from your region to contact you.

Just curious, but where are you seeing ios 5?

The main page here : http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1140

Says iOS 6…

I saw it on the same page, but the French version…


Also in the user’s manual (bottom of page 62)