WD MyCloud and WD2Go App on WP8.1 won't connect


I have a MyCloud connected to my network. I installed WD2Go on my WindowsPhone 8.1

I use fritzbox 2030 with UPnP turned on.

I generated a passcode.

I got connected and can see folders on my device.

But I can’t see files in these folders.

And some folders - which are of course set to public access - I click on them and after a while my device tell me there would be no network connection.

I tried WLAN and SIM connection - both the same problem.


I have the same. I noticed it happened after installed new version of firmware 2.10.302 few days ago.

Hello, welcome both to the community.

We have passed this along to support.

About a week ago I updated myCloud to firmware v04.04.00-307

Yesterday I  uploaded a pic to MyCloud. Today I can see it only under activity. But I can’t open it. What is this app good for?

Same problem,

Folders appears but lost connection with win 8.1 app.

Any solution?

Yesterday I received an information, this application will no longer be supported on windows.
Only one possible option is, put our suggestions, requests for WD2GO on windows on the portal for development of WD applications for users. Bat I don’t know the address. Maybe moderator can help us showing the address? Thanks a lot.

This is very bad because this was also a must have why i bought this device last year.

 Now we have new features but can not use them on our mobile phones. 

Please fix this WD. 

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I do have the same problem

To WD team : what are you waiting to resolve this problem…? Is there someone working on this topic ?
This problem is lasting for more than 1 month now. Can we please have feedback from support ?

Material list :

  • Windows phone Lumia 640
  • App WD2go V2.2.1.0.
  • WD Mycloud 4T
    Error : ‘No network available’ (but you can see the sub-directories… really strange…)

Thanks for quick and efficient resolution.

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I do have the same problem.
In NOKIA Lumina 635.

But in android it works.

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Just for you all to know, Windows Mobile App (wd2go) is not supported on My Cloud OS3. The My Cloud OS3 supported apps are http://mycloud.com/learn/?id=mycloud#mc_download or mycloud.com (Webfiles).

And if you’re using Windows mobile devices, you will need to use Webfiles on MyCloud.com.

Apologies if this has been asked before, I am just trying to ascertain the support for my upcoming personal cloud storage needs. Does WD plan on updating the Windows Mobile app in support of the new firmware and as backup, does Webfiles allow backup from the Windows Mobile device to My Cloud Mirror or just viewing from My Cloud.

Thank you

The My Cloud OS3 app is not currently supported on Windows phones. And, Webfiles does not allow backup from Windows phones. It is a browser app and functions only for viewing files.

I humbly ask for near future support to backup Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Thank you

You can always ask, 'cause you never know what the future holds.

This is all bul… WD service is not able or willing to change the situation. There is at least more than one app out there that can explore and show your files - as long as you’re operating in your local network. E.g. ShareFolderExplorer. That is proof that it’s not about a bad phone operating system it’s all about bad app development. So if I have to develope own solutions, for me as our small companies system admin I have to overthink our storage strategy. My time is expensive. And WD is not the only one that offers such systems.

I have the same problem. I just want to hear if an solution is found? To eject. I share your frustration.

I was asking if WD still is supporting or will in the future windows 8.1 and this is their answer!

Dear Mr
Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Support.

You feedback is very important to us.

Western Digital has stopped supporting WD2Go on Windows Phone because of low userbase numbers.

Feel free to join, and add to our Community Forums’ Ideas Lab at:

I am so disappointed WD.
" low userbase numbers" ?? I think they are kidding? In Europe Windows Phone has at least more than 10 percent of the market.

:disappointed_relieved: A well-founded complaint / inquiry at Support of Western Digital may help more. :rage:
:disappointed_relieved: Eine gut begründete Beschwerde / Anfrage an den Support von Western Digital hilft vielleicht mehr. :rage: