WD MyCloud and WD MyCloud EX2

WD My Cloud disconnects at least once a day, WD MyCloud EX2 disconnects at least once a day, Firmware-Update does not change anything, Devices’ Selftest fails, Devices hang off at least once a day. Seems to be completely unusable SCRAP.

I assigned a fix IP address out of the range of my router’s IP addresses for DHCP. Nevertheless MyCloud EX2 disconnects al least once a day from the network. WD Quick View shows 0 % of the NAS is used wether about 40 % is really used. WD Quick View is unable to show temperature on both WD NAS (MyCloud and MyCloud EX2). Once a Day MyCloud EX2 hangs off and I can only reboot it by turning off the power. This device is completely misconstructed, isn’t it ? Seems to be the same with WD MyCloud 4TB, which also disconnects every day. Additionally selftest doesn’*t work on both devices. WD My Cloud is not going online, WD MyCloud EX2 shows to rebuild RAID within the next 52.000 hours (crazy? on a brandnew device ?), after succeeding 9 % of rebuilding some days later it restarts with 0 %. Typing IP adress in browser to access dashboard needs 5 minutes to see the dashbord screen… endless  trouble and WD supports just din’t answer the third day, not interested ??

Hi there,

Sorry to here that your device failed the self test, and I am very sorry to hear that you had trouble reaching our support.  I am asking someone on my team to contact you to assist.


Im interested in learning  what might be the best choice for me…

Ive read sterling reviews as well as nightmare stuff.

I do not really trust the “cloud services” out there altogether and thought this might be a good option.

I have a group of people I need to get a video workshop project to.

I’ve edited the videos to 1 1/2 hours (4 or 5 gigs to 6 or 7 gigs) or so…

I do not want to deal with dvds …would require to many, this was a 4 day workshop

So here’s my question.

Can this work in terms of placing the videos on the mycloud and setting up a code or password for each person to access.

Will they be able to download the video files?

What file form is needed to be compatable?

How big of a file can be transfered?

It looks as if people are hving trouble with speed transfers

Is the mycloud better for this or the mycloudEx2 or 3 or?

The people im dealing with couldnt figure out dropbox so will this be somewhat easy for them or not??

Thank you

For remote access, there is not much difference between the different products. Remote access is typically limited by bandwidth, starting with the connection between the NAS and your router, the bandwith of the switch in your router, then the uplink speed of your ISP, then the Internet download speed of your customers. Typiclly the bottleneck is first the download speed of your end customers when they are mobile, the second bottleneck is your uplink speed.

A savvy user will set up the NAS for external FTP access, which is often limited by total size of files.

Typically when files exceed 2GB you ca get into various issues.

I am afraid you will have to try and see for yourself.

In any product, you can configure the NAS to have shares (a top directory, if you want) reserved for group of users.