Wd Mycloud and time machine

Good morning peeps…

Installed 3tb Mycloud last night. Yosemite sees MC in finder. Ive assigned to time machine for my backup.

When assigning, a box comes up prompting for gredentials.

The box autofills my full name but will not accept any password I try.

The other option is as “Guest”, which connects…but backup fails as “guest”

Any Ideas how to make this work? I bought soley for backup. If its this buggy ill be hitting craigslist with it.

Thanks in advance!

The username/password should be the username you use to access the NAS, not your MAC (I know this is ovbious, but just to make sure).

Do you see the NAS in the shared section of the Finder left pane? Can you connect to the server (Finger, go, Connect to server)?

I can see it in Finder. I can browse in finder and on Mycloud software. Ive input my NAS Mycloud password and it still will not take. I I go in as “Guest”, there is no problem. It does the time machine backup as well.

I just dont understand how its suppose to be secure if I can get in a s “Guest”??