WD MyCloud and Motorola NVG589 stopped working

I have a AT&T Motorola NVG 589 router, and I have been using MyCloud for a couple of years WITHOUT an additional router or switch. After a room clean, where all equipment was powered off for a few hours, now I cannot connect to the MyCloud. I have gone into the router config, and I see the MyCloud is pulling an IP, and I can ping it, but when I try to set it up with the Mac on the network setup will see it, but I get the error that I will not be able to write to the device, ect…

Again, I emphasize that all was working fine, all files and backups are currently on MyCloud.

Hopefully someone knows how to configure my router, and get me back working, Thanks.

Have you tried shutting your router down again and restarting it?

Yes, Thank you for your reply.