WD Mycloud access from a VPN router

Need some help on a network issue with the My Cloud I have.

I am running 2 WiFi networks/routers. The first connects normally to the internet while the second is a LINKSYS router programmed to connect via the first router to a VPN service.

The my cloud is connected to the first router (non VPN), when my laptop and other devices are connected to the first non VPN wifi router I can access the my cloud folders and see the public folder etc. When I connect to the VPN wifi router I cannot see the my cloud device or any folders. I am able to access the mycloud dash page while on the VPN wifi network using the 192.168.0.xx IP address but just can’t seem to see or connect to the my cloud device/folders. I have tried to look this up online and tried a few things however to no avail.

Can anybody help/advise? thanks

Any time one puts a second (or additional routers) behind the first main router there are going to be issues unless one properly configures the second router. Typically one has to disable the second router’s firewall (likely what is blocking access to the devices on the first router) and disable the DHCP server on the second router.

If one doesn’t want to disable the second router’s firewall then they’ll likely have to open up routes or port to pass the specific traffic to allow access to the My Cloud that is attached to the first router.