WD MyCloud access Dashboard problem (Apache fail?)

Hi all, trying to find answer to my problem for 2 days, still no solution (WD Support give me only simple recomendations).

Just bought WDMC 3TB Two days ago started config utility, everything was fine till the step of user creation, get message that user craeted but without remote access because of troubles with connection to WD Server and recomendation to try later over Dashboard. So after installation of devise I’ve entered Dashboard and decided to check user accounts, accounts was fine so updated user details (added e-mails info to accounts) and tryed tu save changes. After 2 minutes of sab=ving changes get Access error and since that I have proublems. Can’t access Dashboard on port 80, but Twony server works fine  on port 9000, folders accessible.

Indication light is blue, All wires connected properly, tried to turn off device for 30 seconds (not helped), tried to restart (press restart button for 4 seconds). Tried to Setup device after restart, but always got message that device can’t be configured. Checked opened ports and discovered that ports 80 and 443 not working, seems like apache not working properly. SSH is disabled by default (((

Also tried to reset (turn off then plug power adapter + press at the same second restart button [for 40 seconds]) not helped.

Any suggestions?

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If the factory reset does not give access, it’s either your computer somehow blocking access or the drive needs to be returned. Did you change the ports?

Does the drive show up in your list of network drives? If not, even more reason to return.

Didn’t have any chance to change anything.

Yes as I was told, All shared folders are accessible and Twonky Server works fine, seems like OS works, only Dashboard not works (http and https are not awailable).

I have the same exact problem , I can access the shared folders but I can’t access the dashboard after using the WD configration software , isn’t there any solution for this ??

This is tricky to handle especially w/o ssh access. IMHO ssh should be left enabled by default at factory level together with all the warranty clause for troubleshooting purposes. Manufacturers would then encourage users to change the root password.

For this case, some configs must have gone corrupted during the save which left apache2 not able fire up upon init.d due to it. For now there’s only two options, RMA while you can or for advanced users, remove the drive to flash current firmware…