WD MyCloud 5TB, Is it only fit for the bin now

Cant uptate this drive to OS5. What am i to do with it now :worried:

Well, aside from THAT helpful response. . . .

Step 1: Block internet access to the device FROM YOUR ROUTER

Step 2: Maintain a backup of all data (because you ALWAYS should have a backup)

Step 3: Use device as normal.

All you really are losing are the WD web services. . . .if you really need something that is accessed across the internet. . . .well. . . .WD doesn’t really have any device I would recommend.

Technically, after WD Web functions for OS3 disappear, you could still access your drive using a VPN or some such. . .but that means the OS3 device is open to the internet. In 2021. . .you really don’t want WD OS3 devices exposed to the internet at all (I wouldn’t really trust OS/5 either, TBH)

Many thanks for your input. I didn’t see the response from dswv42 before they removed it. I plan to just use the drive as local storage only. May consider a different NAS device but as yet unsure which make. Thanks again :+1:

I’m using it within house network as a backup storage, to put on it backups from home PCs, phones, and just some garbage/temp storage. It used to be media/video storage (which is also ok) however I migrated my media library to ex2.