WD MyCloud 4TB - Incorrect Capacityin Dashboard


My 4TB network drive is showing incorrect Capacity on Dashboard. I searched around this forum and tried a few command. However nothing worked.

Tried below steps,

  1. Restarting indexing services.
  2. Restarting Media server.

From what I see, the drive is already full. However since it is not working the correct used size, I am able to upload more files without any prompts. I also see some of the older files are missing and Folders are empty.

Only a few empty folders I could identify. Not sure how many more are missing now.

DataVolume Shares Size

You own a WD MY CLOUD not a My Cloud Home. You need to go back to the WD Community and post in the correct sub-forum for your device. Look at the pictures and you will see the difference. You also have a 1st generation MY CLOUD.