WD Mycloud 4TB fell down from table and hearing click sound

WD Mycloud 4TB fell down from table and hearing click sound for few times and hearing no sound, Please help me on how to recover my data from this drive?

I see red light come up after a while. :frowning:

Sounds like the drive has been damaged if your hearing a clicking noise from the hard drive. If you have an ongoing SafePoint backup you should be able to access the last SafePoint backup to recover or access the files that were last backed up from the WD My Cloud.

If the drive is no longer accessible after doing a soft reset (press and hold the reset button for 4 seconds) or a system reset (press and hold the reset button for 40 seconds) then chances are high the drive is either damaged or the unit is bricked.

You have two basic options but there may be others.

  1. Contact WD and enquire about data recovery and warranty repair/replacement of the possibly damaged drive.
  2. Void the warranty and remove the drive from the WD My Cloud enclosure connect it to a computer (like through an external SATA enclosure/docking station or via a desktop PC) and use a Linux boot disk distro or a Linux OS (possibly even a Mac) to access the hard drive and possibly its contents.

On a side note same thing happened to a family member. Thier WD My Cloud got knocked off a shelf onto a stone floor and damaged the hard drive. The impact was hard enough to knock the white cover off the WD My Cloud. Drive was pulled but was erratically recognised by Linux and the data was non recoverable (with the tools I had on hand) from the drive. Took a spare unused SATA drive and followed one fo the various threads (like this one or this one) on recovering a bricked or replacing the hard drive on a WD My Cloud and had the WD My Cloud back up and running some time later. The work around in the future is to use the SafePoint feature of the WD My Cloud user interface to backup the WD My Cloud to another hard drive like an attached USB drive. that way you provide some data redundancy in the case of the WD My Cloud hard drive becoming unreadable/unusable.