WD MyCloud 3TB no network available

Hi. I’ve been having a problem. I installed evwerything concerning this WD MyCloud, everything is working, but there is a strenge thing about remote access.
I have a Windows phone and installed Wd2Go. When I use it, it works fine when it is about seeing folders. But when I go deep in the hyerarchy and try to see the files inside any folders, I cannot see them and get a message saying there is “no network available”. However, If I upload a file from my computer to any folder, and check later on in my local network, the file is there| So, it seems only when accessing remotely I cannot see files, just the containing folders. Locally I’m running Windows 10 and on my phone Windows 8. What can be done about this? Thanks

Apparently the Windows Phone WD2Go app is no longer supported with the WD My Cloud OS 3 firmware. If you search this forum you’ll find several threads complaining about the Windows Phone app no longer working.

Feel free to voice your complaint in the following Cloud Ideas thread…