WD MyCloud 3TB and iTunes on IPAD


as mentioned on my preavious message, I am a total beginner so I apologize in advanced for my basic question.

I have a running WD MyCloud, very happy. How do i get my music (mp3) files on iTunes on my Ipad? I can see them without any problem in my Desktop itunes.


I guess you want to play the files on your iPad but not necessarily move them to your ipad? I’d try a upnp player app like Plugplayer perhaps?

Unfortunately iTunes server on NASes are not discoverable by iOS devices. You could however put all your iTues media on the NAS, have your computer on to share that library with iOS through iTunes.

Alternatively, you can use third party players (discover them on iTunes) that can stream NAS content (videos, music, …). You will have to try a few since the user experience, type of codec supporter do vary quite a bit.

Thanks to both of you. I will try what Etupes suggest. 

As indicated by Brantomme, Yesterday I tried a couple of uPnp apps from my Ipad, and they managed to connect without a problem to MyCloud but bizarrely the content appears duplicate or more. Also, I am not able to play back the files! any ideas?

If i use the WD MyCould app i can run the MP3 (each at the time) without problems so I guess there is something going wrong at the third-party app level?

Some players are DLNA clients. The DLNA server scans all content on the NAS in the shares. Go to the port 9000 of your NAS IP to see the Twonky settings and which folders are excluded. OFten, backup shares are also scanned resulting in duplicate DLNA visible content pieces.