WD MyCloud 2TB Safepoint Problem is with iTunes

Ok, Since I bought this WD My Cloud 2TB device I’ve had nothing but problems :frowning: gurr… but, deermind to figure stuff out I hopefully can help others with some debugging issues.

Ok, Here is the setup.

1: WD2TB My Cloud Drive.

2: 2TB Seagate drive attached to USB 3 Port

3: MacBook Pro 2010 Running 10.10.1 Yosemite

4: I only have two files Gild Wars 2 and RockSmith 2014 files on Public Folder. (20.34gigs)

5: Login to Dashboard and create safepoint (MyCloudBackup) Works Great!

6: Installed iTunes on Public Folder ****PROBLEM******** 

7: Safepoints Break. (36323 Error code)

8: Deleated iTunes folder and Ran Safepoint again *WORKS!

Something is WRONG with iTuens and MyCloud.  Files and Safepoint backups  break- This **bleep** if I can’t use MyCloud to host iTunes if I can’t make backups which is making me seriously consider returning this unit after two months of problematic use and MANY MANY diognostic runs to problem shoot the issue.  

Hope this helps anybody 

Let me know your thoughts



Thank you for sharing your experience.