WD MyBookLive and Apple Airport Extreme on PC Nightmare

Nothing has ever been this difficult and I have had a nightmare experience with this drive. First of all, why is it that on this WD site, I see things saying that the “MyBook” is for MAC devices? It is not. I even have the box that says it is for PC or MAC and I had this drive hooked up before I got my Apple Airport Extreme and had no issues. Here is my set-up and where I hit the wall.

I have Comcast internet and my modem/router is from them and is set to bridge mode. Coming out of it is my Apple Airport Extreme (AAE). I use the AAE for all connections, both wired and wifi. So it is used for all our iphones, and my wife’s desktop computer connects via wifi as well. My desktop is plugged into the AAE. I use the AAE Utility to add things, change passwords, add 5 GHZ connection etc.

Now, I have a WD MyBook Live 1tb (MBL) and have over half of it filled with things I need to get to and because of this issue have have not had access for months. So, the MBL can only connect via ethernet. I run the ethernet from the MBL to the AAE and this is where I get stuck. What do I need to do from here? Looking online I see port mapping and adding static addresses and you name it. Under downloads for the MBL there is endless smartware and programs but everything gets me nowhere. I will be forever indebted to whoever can help me.


Are you able to access the dashboard of the unit? If not, please try resetting the unit.

Mapping is the correct way to access the unit on an Apple-based system.

Did you try the instructions in the following link?

No, I am not. The front led doesn’t come on. The thing gets going, revs up and the back two leds seem fine, top blinks a little as it is communicating and bottom is solid. But no matter what, even with WD Discovery Download, it sees it not.