WD MyBookLive 3TB Problem with remote access


I have WD MyBook Live 3Tb connected to router.

In local net I can connect to MyBook without problem through cable, Wifi, from Iphone through Wifi (WD Photos and WD2go), web-access.

But if I turn of wifi on Iphone or try to connect through web access  from another PC I see the message Can’t connect to drive. The drive may be offline.

My collegues said me that the pronblem with the port routing that I must open on router.

Please inform me which port I need to open? Or what is another reason of problem?

Faithfully Yours,

If you can connect by WD2go, then it’s working.  But you are actually coming in from the WAN.  How many computers and shares are on the local network?  It may be having a problem with resolving DNS if you’re trying to access by drive name.  I would map the drive by IP address and see if that fixes your problem.

And what router do you have? WDTony said that unless your router has UPnP problems, WD2Go should map open ports on its own…