WD MyBook world II formatting/partitioning


when i bought my hd i was annoyed about the 30min timeout so i took the 2 caviar green hd’s out of the box (i know wd wont like this since its a warrenty void but i dont intent to return it i only want advice) :wink: and then i used them in my desktop as a normal raid 0, now i i changed my mind and wanna give it  another try and i formatted the two disks and put them back into the case but wd discovery doesnt recognize it anymore and my router doesnt map it a ip and i cant seem to find it anywhere, i tried to hard-reset it aswell and now ever since th top bit of the long LED light keeps blinking and the bottom one glows steadily, have i broke my NAS or is there any way in partioning the disks so that i can put the firmware on it or something since its not recognized in the network anywhere and i tried alot of things u can beleive me.

please hopefully someone can help me would be a shame to waste my hard earned 600$.

thanks (Y) :smiley: