WD MyBook World Edition (Blue Rings) - Conecting to Mac OSX

Hi Guys, I am a first time poster so please forgive me if my etiquette is not quite up to spec :D. I have a bit of a puzzle on my hands and i am wondering if anyone can help me solve it. I have just been given a 1TB WD MyBook World Edition (Blue Rings). I have connected it to my macbook pro via to see if it would show up straight off the bat. The device did not display :( - Refusing to give up i connected it to my the wireless router in my house - Success :) it worked. One small problem though, i live in a rented shared house and i do not feel comfortable a. leaving it in a communal area (as the router is in the lounge) b. the data transfer rate over wireless was pitiful for the use i require. Again being defiant and refusing to give up i dug out an old router and thought up the ingenious idea of using it as a DHCP server and running a private network to use the mybook. However i overlooked the fact that i would require the wireless network regardless. So i guess what the problem boils down to is - A. How can i connect to two networks at the same time? + B. How can i run the mybook running directly via Ethernet and still retain internet access via wireless? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You probably want to post in the correct forum.   This is the forum for the “My Book Live.”

The forum for the My Book World is HERE:   http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-World-Edition/bd-p/mbw_world