WD MyBook WE II + WDTVLive: Choppy sound for m2ts files

Hello !

I have troubles streaming some m2ts files from Twonky at MyBook WE II to WDTV Live media player. Video is perfect where audio is stuttering. I had posted this trouble to TwonkyMedia forum but had no answer. Because both products are from WD, I repost the problem here:

I have twonkymedia server (ver. 5.1) installed to NAS WD MyBook WorldEdition II (latest firmwire).
The NAS is connected to a WD TV Live media player.
If I play large M2TS files with near of limit bitrate (BluRay files, bitrate is greater than 40mbit/s) then sound is choppy - 100ms of silence every 300-500ms. This occurs for any audio track : DTS, AC3 … But video streaming is perfect !
If I remux such M2TS file to MKV file (just repacking, no conversion) then both video and audio are perfect.

this problem is not for WD MyBook WE II only, I know a man that has NAS WD ShareSpace and has same trouble with M2TS files.

Is there a quick fix for this ?

Addition: I have made several tests with this problem and should report my findings.

  • Perfomance of my network is about 90mbit/s. I can find this value monitoring realtime net info in the firewall statistics and having no problems steaming test movies with overall bitrate of 90mbit/s (only video, no sound)
  • Another mediaserver (i tried HomeMediaServer installed to core 2 quad workstation) does not have such problem - all m2ts files streamed OK
  • if I demux problem file using tsMuxer program and then mux it back to another m2ts file, Twonky plays this new file without problem. The only difference between files _may be_ order of packets inside the container (order of tracks is same, not changed)

Finally, I am sure that this problem is a bug in the Twonky Media Server. Currently about 30% of all m2ts files from blue rays cannot be streamed due to sound problem.

UPDATE: same problem on QNAP : http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=177&t=22782
but I have stuttering audio with any audio format, not DTS only

Please make appropriate testing and fix the bug, if possible.

Thank you.