WD MyBook - WD Discovery offers updates for Apps, but update doesn't work


I’m on Windows 10 1903 build 18362.418

I got an 8TiB WD MyBook (WDBBGB0080HBK-N/A) with WD Discovery v.3.3.34 and My Cloud Desktop v.

WD Drive Utilities ->
WD Backup 1.9.6941.25593 -> 1.9.7215.6356
WD Security ->

All Apps are showing under the App tab of WD Decovery the possibility to upgrade (aktualisieren).

Under Notification (Benachrichtigung) WD Drive Utilities shows as an update (today at 19:06).

If I press it, it will show the load bar for ever, or failes.

Also the WD Backup takes ages for 6GiB (>8h: 40%, maybe due to USB 1 or USB 2 attachment, but currently it’s attached via USB 3.0. It would be helpful, if the App would show the kind of USB connection, though.).

I got a bunch of screenshot on that issue.

The drive is formatted exfat and got no S.M.A.R.T. errors.

Sometimes the Drive doesn’t show up in the My Cloud Home ‘Storage’-tab of WD Discovery.

Thank you in advance.

I now downloaded all apps from the website and installed them (and the newest WD Discovery) manually.

The App tab offers as before ‘UPDATE’ on all three listed Apps, and the progress bar is animated for ages, without something happened. All Apps are up-to-date now due to manually upgrade them.

Edit: Something changed today, maybe due to new updates available since yesterday. Now it runs into ‘update failed’ and a notification on a new update available. If I click on that every update process starts over again and the progress bar shows relatively quickly ‘updtate failed’ again and the notification, and so on …

So manually upgrade again …

So, I decided to install SUMo and it lists an WD App Manager which I cannot google for downloading and updating. It was on version number 1.2.4 or so and is now so I think it’s bundled as part of WD Discover.

So, also WD Discover/WD App Manager, now up to date, doesn’t work for searching and update App upgrades.