WD MyBook visible on 3rd Party Apps but not accessible to me via My Computer

 After failure with the last few solutions, I tried Data Recovery Programs and a program that changes the Driver Letter with the hassle. The Data Recovery revealed all the files I had, and the other supposedly changed the drive letter, and the drive was accessible to them, but why isn’t it visible to me??? I can only use the Unlock.exe, but when I type in my password the drive won’t pop up. 

 The Data Recovery:


 It also has a record of the repaired parition. 

 The Drive Letter Changer:


 (Notice the ‘‘None’’ this time)

 And, the window itself:


 Not sure why it hates being seen though.

Hello, after you recover your files you might need to format it to use it again. Check the link below for the steps. 


 You sure that’ll work? On all 3 PCs the Driver had the entire space in blue, not one black space.

You don’t have anything to lose if you are able to recover your files with a data recovery program. Just in case I recommend recuva, testdisk. 

Sometimes booting from a Linux Live CD will allow access to the data for recovery.