WD MyBook - USB device recognition when booting

I have a MyBook connected via USB 3.0 to my PC for backup purposes. However, when I boot my PC, as long as the MyBook is plugged in, no USB devices are recognised until after the operating system is launched.
In short, I can’t enter BIOS or choose my dual boot OS or anything else that requires keyboard (USB keyboard at least, I don’t have a PS2 'board to try/use) input before the OS is booted to with the MyBook plugged in.

Does anybody else have this issue and know how to solve it, short of unplugging the MyBook whenever i want to entire BIOS or chose my secondary OS?
Unplugging does work, but I’m bound to forget to plug it back in at some point. And as a backup device, that sort of defeats the point.

Hi K.Haigh,

This issue may be caused due to exFAT file format of My Book which is incompatible with some computers or when Legacy USB Support and Boot from USB Drive is the first option configured in the BIOS. You should have a look on below article in this concern.


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Brandon so what do I do if I need the mouse and keyboard. I have to disable LEGACY so your drive has no firmware fix. I will have to return the drive and but a competitors product? WD HAS TO have a fix soon or many of the people with this problem will stop buying WD. Why does my 5 TB boot connected? I am booting for years with it. Please advise or email me at jamepie@yahoo.com. Thanks, Jim.