WD MyBook Studio Edition II unusable on Windows


I just got my new MyBook Studio Edition II 2TB and tried to connect it to my Windows XP computer by USB (latest windows updates are installed).

Windows does recognize the USB device (listed as unknown device).

When i try to start the setup program from the CD that came with the disk, every Button in the setup application is labeled with “Undefined” - completely unusable.

When googling for “MyBook Studio Edition II undefined” many forumposts appear with people having the same problem.

The Studio Edition is advertised as the most professional one of the myBook series - so how it comes it has got such amateurish software?

And why doesn’t it get recognized by Windows? my old MyBook Premium Edition 320GB also gets recognized without problem, without installing any additional drivers or so.

Thanks for the help.

The My Book Studio is formatted out of the box for Mac’s.  That’s why Windows won’t recognize it.  Go into Disk Management and it should show up in there.  If so, delete the partition and repartition and format it for Windows.  After that you should be able to use it.


have the same problem, How do I get my Windows Vista SP2 computer to understand the setup CD it shows only “undefined”. Does my Vista installation miss some SW? Impossible to install the SW as you do not know which button to push.


I’ve a  My Book Home Edition External Hard Drive of 1 TB but the black WD menu on the screen display only titles Undefined. What can I do? Is there a solution?

Have you done what Bill suggested above? Whats the status of the drive on Disk Managament?

Just in case you guys are still looking at this, I only focused on the first issue of the Mac formatted drive not showing up in Windows.  The second issue of the text not showing up on the buttons can have several causes.  Things to consider:

  1. Do all your flash and java updates. 
  2. Make sure that you don’t have your display resolution/text set so large that the text doesn’t fit in the buttons.